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Chinese for Daily Living

The topics covered are broad and inclusive of all topics needed to live in China and communicate effectively across a wide variety of situations.  Specific content would depend on the needs of the student and whether the class is one on one or a small group. 

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Business Chinese

This course is for people who want to focus on the language needed for their work in China. We recommend that this course be done in the one on one format as it will allow the student to learn what they need to know for their specific industry. 


HSK Preparation

The HSK  is becoming more and more important for foreigners in China as many companies now require a passing score to gain employment. Furthermore, a good score can also make it easier to get a work visa! HSK prep courses are available as one on one classes or in a small group. 




Classes will be one teacher paired with one student. The teacher will design the class based on the student’s Chinese level, their desired learning method and the frequency of classes.

The course content is bespoke to the student’s requirements. Scheduling of classes is flexible and can be done on a part-time or intensive basis. 

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Students will be matched based on similar Chinese language ability and whether students are part-time or intensive.  A class can be made up of a group of friends or colleagues.
Small group classes will be scheduled at a set time each week. Small group classes are best for people with stable and predictable schedules!



Part-time classes are for students who have other responsibilities outside of class and can’t commit to an intensive class schedule. 

Part-time classes can be in one on one format or small group classes. Part-time Small group classes will meet twice a week for two hours each time based on student availability. One on one Part time classes will be scheduled based on the individual student’s schedule.

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Intensive classes are for students who can commit to 2-4 hours a day of class, 5 days a week. Intensive classes are the best way to get your Chinese skills up to speed as quickly as possible.  Intensive classes use an immersive teaching style to help students develop “Chinese logic.”  These classes can be done in small groups or one on one, or in a combination of both. 

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Because each student’s level and needs are individual and different, our times and rates vary to answer them perfectly. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a meeting with Mandarin Community to address prices and schedules.

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