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We chose some music suggestions for you to put your Chinese fluency to the test. Will you sing along?

Whether singing is or is not your forte, we’ve always believed that singing along to those foreign language songs is one of the best ways to practice. Why is that? Well, we know that learning a language is like practicing a tongue twister, after a few times repeating a difficult phrase, your brain starts to get used to a few changes:

- Pace

- Tongue and muscle movement

- Sounds

Each language has the three above mentioned when it’s about speaking; it’s just a matter of getting used to the movement the tongue requires in order to create a sound that’s completely different from your native language. If your concern is about reading the lyrics, you will surely find the next songs with pinyin online.

With no further introduction, we hope you already have QQ Music or iTunes on your device to search for these suggestions.

1. Z. TAO 黄子韬 (Huáng zǐ tāo)

One of the most famous singers in China. We are pretty sure you’ve seen this guy around on commercials and billboards. Looking for good vibes? This is your guy. His music is a mix between hip-hop and rap, but have no fear, we chose the next song as a start to practice your Chinese.

Suggested Chinese level: ELEMENTARY-INTERMEDIATE

Song: 敏感 (mǐn gǎn)



They are probably China’s top boy bands. Karry Wang, Roy Wang, and Jackson Yi started in 2013 at the early age of 12 and their popularity did nothing but increase since then. So much that Roy Wang became an ambassador at the United Nations representing China’s Youth for a few years. Want some Mando-Pop? These are your guys.

Suggested Chinese level: INTERMEDIATE

Song: 喜欢你 (xǐhuān nǐ)


3. G.E.M.

Gloria Tang, best known as G.E.M. (an acronym for Get Everybody Moving), conquered mainlanders’ hearts with her amazing voice. Born in Shanghai, raised in Hong-Kong, the talented songwriter became one of China’s pop idols and the winner of many awards, which is why we can’t help but suggest one of her songs.

Suggested Chinese level: INTERMEDIATE

Song: 倒数 (dàoshǔ) – TIK TOK


4. MIRA梦然 (mèng rán)

In 2019, this Inner-Mongolian songwriter gained popularity because of her song “少年 /Stay young”, probably because of everyone using her song all over TikTok (Douyin), which is basically why we chose it.

Suggested Chinese level: INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED

Song: 少年 (shàonián)


5. SODA GREEN 苏打绿 (sūdǎ lǜ)

If you think you had enough pop, probably this indie band is for you. The Taiwanese group has a long career that started back in 2001 and they just kept going uphill. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much from them in the last few years but at least there’s a lot of material to choose from.

Suggested Chinese level: INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED

Song: 狂热 (kuángrè)


6. JOLIN TSAI 蔡依林 (càiyīlín)

Last but not least… why don’t you give a try to Jolin Tsai’s “The Great Artist”. This Taiwanese singer started with a romantic style but eventually evolved and adapted her style combining electronic music and pop music, especially in her album MUSE, from which we chose the next song. (If you can sing to this song, go get HSK5 level now!!)

Suggested Chinese level: ADVANCED

大艺术家(dà yìshùjiā) The Great Artist

While the above are some suggestions, there are many others out there you can choose from. You only need to explore and find the one singer/band you like. Once you’ve mastered singing in Chinese, go get that HSKK done (then go to Haoledi 好乐迪).

Do you have any other music suggestions? Feel free to share in our group!

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Let’s create a meaningful conversation within the Chinese learning community.

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